12 things us Swedes say when we’re pissed

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1. Go to the woods (Dra åt skogen).

English-speakers may tell you to f#! off, but us Swedes send you straight to the woods.

2. I’m getting rooster humps (Jag får tuppjuck)

I’m so beyond fed up.

3. You have cropped your last potato (Du har satt din sista potatis)

That’s it! No more from you.

4. He’s getting his fish warm (Han ska få sina fiskar varma).

And he went too far — he’s getting scolded!

5. Are you totally behind the float? (Är du helt bakom flötet?)

Seriously, are you a complete idiot?

6. Shit down yourself (Skit ned dig).

It’s not a pretty picture, but it’s our way to tell you to go to hell.

7. You’re teasing fever on me (Du retar gallfeber på mig).

You’re infuriating me.

8. Are you sick in your head? (Är du sjuk i huvudet?)

Don’t answer that. I already think you’re out of your mind and I’m annoyed with what you’re doing/saying/suggesting.

9. Does it look like I was born yesterday? (Ser det ut som om jag var född ig)

I’m not stupid (We like to ask questions when we’re angry. Please note they are all rhetorical…).

10. You are out on very thin ice (Du är ute på jävligt tunn is)

You’re very close to going too far…

11. You’re as stupid as an ass (Du är dum som åsna)

You’re an idiot.

12. Devil take you (Fan ta dig).

We wish you no good (please read: f%& you).

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