Eastatoe Falls

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Sept 2019 Update: Eastatoe Falls is closed now due to new ownership.

Eastatoe Falls is a beautiful 60-foot cascade on private property, practically in someone's back yard. It's located near the small town of Rosman, about halfway between Brevard and Cashiers off scenic US Highway 64. Previous owners allowed visitors until they sold the property in 2019. Perhaps it will reopen one day.

"Eastatoe" was the local Cherokee word for the Carolina Parakeet, and was the name of a local tribe of Cherokee.

Located 12 miles west of downtown Brevard, it's a few miles south of US Highway 64.

See other waterfalls nearby. About 12 miles away is French Broad & Cathedral Falls. 18 miles away is Courthouse Falls. 15 miles away is Rainbow Falls and Gorges State Park and it's 22 miles to DuPont State Forest waterfalls.

Gorges State Park is the access point to hike to one of our favorite waterfalls, Rainbow Falls, and nearby ...

Whitewater Falls is the highest waterfall east of the Rockies, falling 811 ft.! The Upper Falls plummets 411 ft. and is 60 miles from downtown Asheville in the ...

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