The Inn at Tranquility Farm, Waynesville

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Elegant venue with rustic charm and panoramic views of the Great Smoky Mountains. Located in a charming small town just 35 minutes from Asheville, their 60-acre farm is a photographer's dream with multiple gazebos, rock formations, stable, brook and gardens. Find many options to fit your specific wishes. Indoor Facilities: The Pavilion seats up to 150 guests for reception, dinner, dancing and drinks. It's accented by cedar trusses, crystal chandeliers and a stone hearth fireplace. Onsite commercial kitchen allows many options for catering. Luxurious Bridal Suite for getting ready. Overnight accommodations for newlyweds too. Outdoor Facilities: Wedding ceremonies in the mountain-view gazebo with church pew seating, seasonal gardens and covered Veranda. See more B&B/Large Home Weddings.

The Inn at Tranquility Farm

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