Western NC Agricultural Center in Asheville

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The Western North Carolina Agricultural Center is the home of the North Carolina Mountain State Fair, numerous horse and livestock events, large scale shows and other fun events such as car shows, fishing expos, quilt shows, dog shows, rodeos, equestrian competitions, motorcross racing, food festivals, auctions and more. This impressive facility is located near the Asheville Airport.

The Morris L. "Mac" McGough Arena is a year-round indoor facility that seats 3,000 spectators for competitions and shows. One of the center's more recent additions is the LEED-green certified Event Center used for a diverse range of events and gatherings such as national and regional trade shows and conventions, public expos and entertainment. The Expo Center has an additional 27,000 square feet of exhibit space. Since it covers 87 acres, there are plenty of parking spaces!

The North Carolina Mountain State Fair is the "state fair" of the western part of North Carolina. The ten-day event, attended by 180,000+ people, celebrates the people, agriculture, art and tradition that make our region great. It's fun for all ages, with plenty of exhibits, animals, food, rides and more. Read more.

Go to their website to see a list of all upcoming events.

Directions to the Western NC Agricultural Center in Asheville:
1301 Fanning Bridge Rd, Fletcher NC 28732
From downtown, take I-26 East to Exit #40 (Asheville Airport Exit). Turn right at top of exit ramp onto Highway NC 280. After the 2nd stop light, turn left into Gate 6 or 7.

From South Carolina on I-26 West toward North Carolina, after you enter North Carolina take exit #40 (Asheville Airport Exit). Turn left at top of exit ramp onto NC 280. After the 3rd stop light, turn left into Gate 6 or 7.

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